Paint can pourer lid

If you're tired of always having to clean your paint cans, or you find that there's more spillage than you like when pouring paint from the can, then a simple solution would be to pick up a few paint can pourer lids. Not only does the spout enable you Read more [...]

Panties with pockets

If you like to travel a lot, chances are you have money belt - or something similar - to keep your cash and other related items hidden. With that said, thieves and muggers are aware of such travel tricks and might still be able to steal or take your valuables Read more [...]

Laundry sorter with lid

The sole purpose of a hamper is to keep our dirty clothes off the floor. But if the hamper has two or three different sections, then it can also serve as a sorter. This is helpful if you want to keep whites separate from colors. By throwing the clothes Read more [...]