Laundry sorter with lid

The sole purpose of a hamper is to keep our dirty clothes off the floor. But if the hamper has two or three different sections, then it can also serve as a sorter. This is helpful if you want to keep whites separate from colors. By throwing the clothes Read more [...]

Plastic stackable storage containers

I can never seem to have enough storage containers. I have often used shoe boxes and coffee tins, as these have the great advantage of being free. But there are advantages to containers made especially for storing things: some are stack-able, and therefore Read more [...]

Quadruple laundry sorter

With a laundry hamper that has four sections, you can sort the laundry in terms of colors and fabrics before washing. Once the clothes are dried, you could then use the same hamper, but this time to sort the clothes according to family member. This should Read more [...]