Headboard Extender – Bed Frame Extension Rails


Recently I’ve gotten some inquiries about “headboard extenders”. This term can signify a couple of things. It can mean bed frame extension rails, normally used to extend a bed frame to adapt it to a larger mattress, but that can also come in handy to provide extra room for the attachment of big or odd shaped headboards.

Headboard Extender picture-4Headboard Extender picture-5

It may also refer to headboard attachment brackets, which screw on to the existing frame and allow you to affix a headboard to it.
Headboard Extender picture-2Headboard Extender picture-3Headboard Extender picture-1

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2 thoughts on “Headboard Extender – Bed Frame Extension Rails

  1. I have a solid headboard that is too short for todays high mattresses. Its 40 years old. How can I extend the two legs to make it 6-8 inches higher ? Thanks.